Friday, January 24

Hello Cavers!

I just wanted to provide some updates for you since I know things have been quiet around here lately. First, I was able to acquire some decent lab gear which means that I’ll be able to start creating some more content. I’m also starting a new job in the next few weeks that will also help give me some ideas for content to create. I’ve been so far removed from “traditional” IT for the last few years, I just haven’t been able to keep up with the demand for content.

Second, I’ve been making some small site tweaks here and there. If you visit here often, you may have noticed the site speed has increased. I’ve added additional caching at multiple levels to make it better. You may have also noticed that a “Login” link has made it’s way to the menu. Pretty soon, I’m going to be rolling out a membership system – don’t worry! Content is, and will be, free of charge, with or without an account! The reason for this is that back in July, I asked for beta testers for a IT Cave 3rd Party Updates catalog (which again, will be available free of charge). I received a lot of emails! Instead of bombarding everyone’s inbox, I wanted to make an open-invitation system for people to join, have access to resources, etc. Membership will be free and will have some added perks. Additionally, for those who may want to support the site and get exclusive perks (of which I’m still figuring out, but the one will be zero advertising), there will be a “name your price” membership tier where you can pay as little as $1/mo or as much as you want per month. Just to reiterate, membership is only for beta testing and those who wish to help me off-set costs.

Thank you so much for supporting ITC over the years! Keep an eye out for more things to come!


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