Friday, January 24

I encountered a strange issue with a VPN adapter I use called ZeroTier. In short, the ZeroTier One client for Windows acts strange on Windows Server 2016. On a server reboot, the ZeroTier One.exe will run but won’t connect to the VPN. After investigation, I found the ZeroTier One service wasn’t running. In order to get the connection back up, I had to kill the process, start the service, then start the process. So, why not automate?

This can be used for a variety of processes. Here’s a Powershell template to use:

This script will restart a service if it is found to not be running.

Edit the variable as required. To use, setup a scheduled task.


$TheService = Get-Service $MyService

if ($TheService.Status -ne "Running"){
    Start-Service $MyService

Save that as a Powershell script on your system, modify the service name, and setup a scheduled task and if the service isn’t running, it will start if it’s found to not be started! Hopefully this saves you a lot of hassle and headaches!


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